Caylen & Javier

are getting married

16th of September, 2023 | 13h00

We are very excited

to celebrate this day with each and every one of you and we really appreciate the effort that you are making to come so far to be with us on our special day. Who would have thought... a South African-Mexican wedding in Spain! 

Wedding Day

Wedding Ceremony

This is one of our favorite churches in Madrid and it also has special meaning in our story. The ceremony will take place at 13h00 (Metro line 2 - stop 'RETIRO' is right in front of the church)

Wedding attire

Somewhere between semi-formal and formal - we have no doubt that you'll come dressed to the nines ;). If you have any doubts let me know and I can send you some ideas.

Some tips:
- Heels
- Being a day wedding girls don't usually wear long dresses but they don't wear minidresses either, so somewhere in between haha.
- Jumpsuits are quite common as well.
- During the day you can also wear a tocado (headdress) if you wish.
- Boys, you need to wear the whole suit (including the tie and the blazer haha).


Don't worry about a thing

We have arranged transport for our guests from the church to the reception venue and back. To reserve a seat, please let us know in the RSVP section.


The reception will take place at the Finca Las Jarillas.

We will celebrate in true South African-Mexican style with good food, a few spicy drinks and great music to dance the night away.

Badroom image
Badroom image

A gift is optional but your presence is obligatory.

Your presence on our wedding day is the most important gift you could ever give us. However, if you would like to contribute to our new home you can follow the link below.